Range Maintenance & Lead Abetment

Our gun range maintenance services ensure that your facility is safe and compliant with all regulations. We specialize in lead abatement, which includes removing lead from the air, surfaces, and soil. Our team is trained and equipped to handle all aspects of lead mitigation, including testing, removal, and disposal. We also offer regular maintenance services such as cleaning and repair of shooting lanes, bullet traps, and ventilation systems. Trust us to keep your gun range in top condition for your customers and employees.

Helping your range operate:



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Indoor Ranges

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Outdoor Ranges

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Shotgun Ranges

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Our Services Include:

A full-service solution for all indoor firing ranges. It makes no difference what kind of bullet trap your range might have, we are experts in maintaining and cleaning it!


Lead reclamation from ballistic rubber traps.
Servicing and cleaning steel rubber traps.


Minor servicing of carriers and targeting systems.
Installation of rubber panels and sound proofing


HEPA vacuuming and de-lead wipe-down of all surfaces, including floor, walls, shooting booths, carriers, lighting, and baffles.


Filter changes and disposal of contaminated filters.
HVAC system maintenance and cleaning.


Disposal of hazardous lead-contaminated waste. Replacement and installation of ballistic granulated rubber.